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State of the Union Proved Uneventful

The President’s messaging was, by and large spot on, especially the need for both sides of the political aisle to review their rhetoric and ask whether their language aids in ensuring a better state of the union. The problem for the President is that he seems unable to inspire a nation. It is not sufficient to be bright, which he clearly is, or cogent, of which there is little doubt. But his inability to resonate with the vast number of Americans ensured that few beyond political wonks were watching his address. He has become background noise to the national debate,¬† doing little more than seeking to assert his legacy in the closing months of his administration as opposed to an inspiring leader who galvanizes the average¬† citizen. He could, ironically, take lessons from Winston Churchill, a man Obama views as a reactionary colonial apologist, as to how to make oratory work to advance his political agenda.¬† Alas, that lesson is now moot for this State of the Union.