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How Rubio can still win the nomination


David Mejias shares his thoughts on what would need to happen for Senator Marco Rubio to secure the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential campaign, with Governor John Kasich as his running mate. If Rubio can win Florida with a grassroots campaign, securing newly registered Latino voters flocking to their election board offices to outrun “The Donald,” he could gain a foothold to secure the nomination. Though the scenario is improbable, anything seems to be possible with a bloody Civil War within the Republican party ranks


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Bigotry against same-sex marriage can have tragic unintended consequences March 8, 2016 Dave discusses the negative effects bigotry against same-sex marriage has had on the children of same-sex couples, and shares the positive changes the Supreme Court’s ruling last June will have on these families. He shares the story of a Florida woman, Peggy Willis, who was a victim of this bigotry when the law refused her the rights to see her child after her and her partner split, and how this wouldn’t have been the case if her and her partner split after the June 2015 ruling.


CNBC Commentary 


Clinton? Sanders? Rubio? Who’s winning the Latino vote?

CNBC Commentary 


GOP debate proves the party can’t win the general election

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Dave Mejias, ex-Nassau legislator, recalls ‘very surreal’ and ‘very scary’ night in Paris

 A Farmingdale lawyer visiting Paris for the weekend said he is shaken but safe after terror attacks claimed the lives of more than 120 people.



Dave Mejias, ex-Nassau legislator, recalls ‘very surreal’ and ‘very scary’ night in Paris

Dave is fortunately safe, after visiting Paris for the weekend miles from where the deadly terrorist attacks took place. He thanks you all for your prayers and well-wishes and sends his condolences to the family and friends who lost loved ones this weekend in Paris and abroad.

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Trump’s Historic Playbook

August 4, 2015

As a Hispanic community leader, Mejias recognizes that if Trump wants to legitimize his campaign he needs to turn off the entertainment machine and create a campaign accessible to all colors and creeds.


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Change of Custody

August 19, 2015

Dave discusses the harrowing case where a father nearly suffered all too common gender prejudice at the hands of a custody case in turmoil. Mejias was able to prove that the Mother was unable to bring the child to school on time or at all 92 separate times over the course of 3 years. If you can’t bring your kids to school on time – you could be at risk for losing them.

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Woman Says Estranged Husband’s Demands Gave her PTSD

August 31, 2015

In defense of his client, David Mejias, told The Post: “My client has been traumatized for years by the depravity of her husband and by his insistence on reliving the abuse in open court. It is a bedroom nightmare that no one should have to endure.”

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LIHBA Celebrates Annual Scholarship Gala

September 30, 2015

As the community celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association (LIHBA), chaired by Frank Torres, held its annual gala scholarship, hosted by the LIHBA Community Service Fund (LIHBACSF) Chairman Dave Mejias. The LIHBACSF awarded scholarships to deserving community youth for Touro Law School and gave thanks to District Administrative Judge Suffolk County Honorable C. Randall Hinrichs and Latino Justice, PRLDEF.